Front Yard Forager: Identifying, Collecting & Cooking the 30 Common Urban Weeds

info & tickets here:

+ Bloedel Reserve had other cool events but I didn't want to post all of them here. Browse through to that link above.

Lecture/Book Reading: The Front Yard Forager: Identifying, Collecting, and Cooking the 30 Most Common Urban Weeds
Seattle-based author Melany Vorass-Herrera will discuss her book on foraging techniques. Vorass-Herrera takes everyday weeds–those that grow in our yards, parking lots and back alleys-and creates nutritious and delicious recipes, such as Dandelion Flower Fritters and Cream of Stinging Nettle Soup. Her lecture will teach you how to forage for those “trashy” plants and turn them into culinary delights!

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