FREE Webinar on Stress, Energy and Adrenal Fatigue


Exhausted? Stressed? Lost your zest for Life?

Most of us are suffering but we just don't realise. We call it busy, tired, “that's just how life is” and we have come to accept it. Three years ago on my paleo journey I was feeling fantastic, full of energy and like you could not stop me! Then with the addition of another child, life did get busy and then the Brisbane Paleo group grew bigger and I became exhausted, run down, feeling not like myself anymore and then this became the norm. I woke up thinking when did feeling like this become acceptable? What happens when eating paleo and moving well is no longer enough?

I started to investigate and my naturopath had me tested for adrenal fatigue. Looking at this now – it was an easy diagnosis. So when my friend Jules Galloway Naturopath offered to run this webinar with me I jumped at the chance to share this with you. In case this information might help you too!

Feeling blah is not acceptable, we should be feeling fantastic.

Don't worry if you can't make the webinar LIVE you will have 48 hours to watch the replay so long as you register.

Register NOW:

More about Jules

Jules has a fantastic new program coming out on the 11 May called Shiny, Healthy, You – find out more here:

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