Free: Feb 6th, Informal talk on detoxing, nutritarian, raw food preparation

Join me, Chef Joni – your organizer, at Blossom Hill Whole Foods for an informal get together to discuss Cleansing, Detoxing, Food…. this is for those who have questions regarding:

Vegan and raw foods preparation (including bulk cooking vs point-of-use cooking) Cleansing, detoxing (including the how to's, what to's, when to's) Nutritarian lifestyle (focusing on the diet)  

Let's keep the group small, 5 or so people, to insure that each person has a chance to share/ask questions. Please RSVP so that I know to look for you.

Where: Let's meet at the dining tables, then take a walk around the store to look at detoxing foods (we'll avoid the supplements this time).

When: Sunday, Feb 6th, 1 – 2:30pm

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