Foodopoly Presentation, Q&A and Book Signing

From Wenonah's website

From Powell's calendar of events “Wenonah Hauter, one of the nation's leading healthy food advocates, believes that the local food movement is not enough to solve America's food crisis and the public-health debacle it has created. In Foodopoly: The Battle Over the Future of Food and Farming in America (New Press), she takes aim at the massive consolidation and corporate control of food production, which prevents farmers from raising healthy crops and limits the choices that people can make in the grocery store. Through meticulous research, Hauter presents a shocking account of how agricultural policy has been hijacked by lobbyists, driving out independent farmers and food processors. She illustrates how solving this crisis will require a complete structural shift, a grassroots movement to reshape our food system from seed to table — a change that is about politics, not just personal choice.”

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