Food, Mood & Mental Wellbeing Seminar

This is an exciting opportunity to participate in an event organised by three of Melbourne's leading Medical Practitioners, who take an integrative approach towards treating individual health conditions.

 Presenters include:

Dr Jennie McKern

Dr Joanna Hickey

Dr Braham Rabinov

Those who will benefit from the seminar:

•Difficulty coping with personal and work stress

•Children with behavioural disorders

•Anxiety and depression

•Autism Spectrum Disorders


What you will learn from the seminar:

•The basic functions of the body and mind, and their interconnection

•How these functions may relate to your symptoms and medical conditions

•The possible causes of your symptoms and medical conditions

•A diagnostic approach including testing options

•Treatment options

Please click on this link for more information and details on registration and payment.

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