Fish Hugger Food Sampling and Q & A

Kenny Aschbacher considers himself a modern day hunter-gatherer. He's a €“part time grassfed beef farmer, fisherman, purveyor of wild honey, and full-time lover of local and fresh foods. Find out what, why, and how he does what he does. Learn about the factors that contribute to varying flavors, textures, and fat contents in different grassfed beef and wild salmon sources. They're not all alike and the more you know, the better off you'll be.

Enjoy light samples of beef broth, baked wild salmon from the Kodiak Islands, fragrant raw honey, and other assorted foodstuff. Bring your questions, your friends, your family, and insulated tote bags or coolers if you would like to purchase any Fish Hugger foods at this free educational event.

Kenny Aschbacher Ph# [masked] or [masked]

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