First Saturdays Red and Green Dinner

The first Saturdays Red and Green Dinner in my tiny studio is a multi-course dinner that elevates severely restricted diets to fine dining status. We celebrate delicious food and connect with friends, without sacrificing our health.  

We get the freshest, local and/or organic, highest quality ingredients available and use animal products, including rendered fats and organ meats. This dinner will be 100% free of gluten, dairy, grains, beans, eggs and nightshades. Some seeds and/or nuts, as well as ghee, might be used. Contact us if you have a request or need a detailed breakdown of ingredients. 

Sample menu: 

• Spiked or booze-free mulled apple cider

• Guacamole / Plantain Curls / Yuca Fries / Porky bites

• Radish-jicama “Tabuleh”

• Parsnip-celeriac-leek soup

• Florida Scup / Arame Cauli”rice” / Pineapple salsa

• Stuffed acorn squash / Ropa Vieja-inspired shredded brisket

• Mixed berry “cake” / dates / arrowroot

• Lemon-ginger-mint tea

• Always BYOB if you'd like!!

Check out the pictures from past dinners here.

Only 9 spots left. You can RSVP here

You should join us if:

• You're wondering what's this Paleo stuff everyone is talking about.

• You have tight dietary restrictions that make it almost impossible — and rather depressing — to eat out.

• You are curious about food in general, and about meat in particular.

• You're game for a fantastic meal, in an unlikely setting.

• You're considering taking on Autoimmune Paleo, GAPS, SCD or some other elimination/provocation protocol, and are wondering what the heck would be left to eat.

Note: If you ARE on one of these protocols and have NO flexibility whatsoever, please contact us about specific ingredients.

The Red and Green Dinner is $75 by May 29th and $85 after, but did I mention there are only 9 spots left?

RSVP ==>

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