Film fest and Paleo potluck dinner

Join us for a double feature film fest, followed by a Paleo potluck dinner at Dr. Valerie Johnson's house. We'll be showing the just-released “In Search of the Perfect Human Diet,” as well as another health-related movie. We'll probably pick from this list, but bring whatever you have. The group will decide what the second movie will be.

As for food, indicate in the RSVP column what you'll bring, but please note that you should not bring either pork or shellfish.

Attendance is free, but we'll have a donation jar available, to help pay for this Meetup site. Anyone interested in carpooling should contact Mark at 407.256.4643. Also, if you're not into paying four bucks a gallon for gas, you can take the bus, using routes 102 and 103 and then biking the last 4.4 miles, part of which is along the Florida Trail (map).

We look forward to seeing you there!





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