Fermentation Seminar

Hello Paleo friends,

Let’s get together and talk Fermentation! At this meetup we can sample some homemade sauerkraut, dill pickles, coconut milk yoghurt, salsa, and water kefir. I plan on having a batch of these yummy fermented foods for you to try and then give a hands-on demo of the preparation method. We’ll also chat about fermentation resources you can access online.

If any one of you would like to, please bring additional fermented goodies for others to sample, e.g., kombucha, dairy yoghurt or kefir, etc. I haven’t worked with kombucha yet but I know a few of our members are pros with it so let’s learn!

This meet-up invite will also go out to the Toronto Wild Food Foragers. Depending on the response we may end up hosting this at a local Loblaws kitchen – somewhere a bit bigger than my apartment.

I'll post the exact address closer to the date. A $2/person fee will be needed to help cover the ingredients. *Note that on Nov5th the fee has been changed to $5/person*

See you there!


Edited on Nov.1st:

Wow, great response rate! I will have to cap the attendance for now (we are at 20) and add the waitlist option until I figure out where else we can host this if it seems to keep growing!

I don't want to get too many of you wonderful people and then be unable to host you. So, when I figure out a venue (I'm seeing a place on Saturday but it's not available for Nov.10th) I will update the event.


Edited on Nov.5th

A few updates for you wonderful folks:

Loblaws informed me that they don’t rent out their kitchens for these types of events so I took up Cheryl on her kind offer to lend us her space to host this event. The location will fit our current list of 20 people and the few +1s that have been communicated to me. So Salem, please bring your wife

We will have to bump the participation fee to 5$ a person to also cover the things Cheryl is providing in letting us use the studio, providing spring water, napkins, etc.

This means that there are people on the waiting list who will be unable to attend.  I apologize for this and urge anyone that is not able to make it to please update their RSVP so others may join.

If spots don’t open up don’t despair because with this level of interest we are obviously going to host more of these Fermentation Seminars! I will start planning the next event soon.

~~~~~ I recommend that you avoid reading the following section if you were not able to get on the attendance list… it might make you drool in vain. ~~~~~

For the event you’re welcome to bring food to share and snack on alongside the fermented goodies. It’s nice to experience how these wonderful foods enhance the taste of our food. Suggestions include:

–    avocadoes – to make a mean cultured guac with the salsa!
–    taro or sweet potato chips – useful for scooping salsa and guac
–    lamb or beef meatballs – go really well with the tzaziki sauce we can make with the coconut yoghurt … yum.
–    liver pate – goes amazingly with pickles
–    small pork sausages – sitting atop a mound of sauerkraut
–    raw honey, mixed nuts, berries, etc – to sprinkle on the coconut yoghurt for a treat

See you there!

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