Feast and Fellowship at Picnik Restaurant

Time for another evening of great food at a restaurant that is gluten free and only uses healthy, natural oils. This is a great opportunity to meet other Paleo enthusiasts and a particularly if you are just starting out. There will be many people to learn from and get ideas from. Let's enjoy healthy and delicious food and each other.

Picnik prefers 20 people max for the outdoor patio. I'm going to open it to 26 because there will always be last minute changes. But if you can't come, use the Meetup app to cancel as soon as you know so someone else can go if there is a wait list. I'm also limiting it to 2 guests per person, but if under 20 I will change that. Lastly I need to let Picnik know by noon on the 24th how many are planning to come.

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