Fearless Training Camp

You wouldn't go compete on American Ninja Warrior without training and practicing first, right?

A lot of us are training for obstacle course races like Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, The Naked Foot, etc, but it's difficult to train for them without an obstacle course in your backyard. Lucky for you, Fearless Training Camp can be your practice for your upcoming obstacle course race, or general awesomeness.

Here in Austin, TX, September 15th-16th we will be holding a training camp called Fearless Training Camp where you will have classes in Crossfit, MovNat, running, and parkour! After practice, you will then get to go through an obstacle course race both days to see how you have improved. The MovNat class will be taught by yours truly, and the other classes will be taught by some of the best in their fields.

The cost is $149, but since you guys are cool, use the promo code: FTCATXPROMO, and go for only $99.

Visit www.fearlesstrainingcamp.com for more info and to sign up.

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