Fair Food Week Event – ‘Why Save the Boy Calves and then eat them?’

How many of you can say that no animal has been killed in the making of the dairy products you consume?

What does ethical beef farming really mean?  

How educated are you about the practices in the beef industry when it comes to GM, hormones and antibiotics?

Did you know that pasture raised can still mean the cows are finished off on grain and legally no-one has to tell you?

 Come and hear the story behind Mountain View Farm and have the opportunity to participate in a discussion about these issues and more.

Hear from a farmer directly who has single handedly taken on the dairy and beef industry and created an industry out of a waste product. 

Mountain View Farm transitioned from a conventional dairy farm to a certified organic farm with a herd share model focusing on RAW milk.

Typically bobby calves (the male calves with no obvious value in the diary industry) are sent off to be slaughtered within a week of their life. Mountain View decided this was not good enough from an ethical standpoint and created an industry out of Dairy Beef and created ethical dairy products. 

On blind tastings Dairy Beef consistently wins on flavour come and taste for yourself.

Tickets include organic nibbles that showcase Mountain View Farm organic beef and raw dairy.

Tickets $25 and purchased from our website.

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