Factory Farms: Behind the Scenes

Brentwood Library Program – Factory Farms: Behind the Scenes – Wed. Jan. 8/14 </a> Dec. 28, 2013

In case any members of the group might be interested in this upcoming Brentwood Library program, 36 Brentwood Road North, Toronto, Ontario M8X 2B5

Factory Farms: Behind the Scenes

Wed Jan 08, 2014 – 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Speaker: Sonia Faruqi (www.soniafaruqi.com)

What are factory farms? What do they do? And why are they concerning? In this talk, Sonia Faruqi will draw on industry information as well as her own experiences investigating and living at factory farms around the world.

 “Fifty years ago, animals were fed and tended by people; today, these tasks are performed by machine and phone. Smartphones turn lights on and off, lock and unlock buildings, and track feed and water intake. Farmers can choose between Apps with names like Cattle Breeding Calculator, Pro Dairy Event, and Pork Production.” As much as we would like to see more pasturing, and range farming, that may not be the future reality.

“Extreme genetic selection, accelerated by artificial insemination, leads farm animals today to yield far more meat, milk, and eggs — while eating far less — than they ever have. The most astounding genetic changes have been those of chickens. In 1925, chickens reached a weight of 2.5 pounds in 16 weeks; today, they reach a weight of almost 6 pounds in 6 weeks (while consuming less than half the feed per pound of weight gained).”

“Retailers and restaurants are beginning to exercise diligence in their selection of suppliers, and governments are banning practices. Switzerland, New Zealand, India, the European Union, and three American states — California, Michigan, and Ohio — have banned egg-laying hen battery cages, condemning them for their barren wire confinement.”

“There are laws in every state barring cruelty to house pets, but almost none that safeguard farm animals.” People sometimes assume that because there are laws protecting pets, there are also laws protecting farm animals. This is not so.”

“The agriculture industry is not reacting to public concern as one would hope. It is closing off rather than opening up, and it is working on improving its promotion strategies rather than its production practices. But if public pressure continues to build, it will have no choice in the future except to change.”

 The talk will end with tangible, practical solutions and actions. Sonia's plant based diet may not be what you are looking for, but the info is timely nonetheless.

<a href=”http://www.soniafaruqi.com”>http://www.soniafaruqi.com

Is this the future? http://youtu.be/lUtnas5ScSE

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