event: How the Brain Heals the Body (author Norman Doidge)

buy $5 tix here: http://townhallseattle.org/event/norman-doidge/

doors open 6:30p

The human brain is a mystery, with one of its greatest puzzles the ways it responds to injuries. Norman Doidge’s 2007 bestseller The Brain That Changes Itself addressed the question of “whether” the brain could change at all–a popular misconception debunked through the study of neuroplasticity, the science behind the brain’s capacity for self-repair and preservation. His latest work, The Brain’s Way of Healing, addresses the “how,” by considering cases in which the body and the brain worked together to alleviate the effects of chronic pain, autism, Parkinson’s disease, and more. Doidge’s clear but vivid research illuminates real (if at times unbelievable) recoveries, and his talk will provide concrete steps everyone can use to reduce the risk of dementia and improve the brain’s overall health.

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