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The documentary, “A Place at the Table”, is a powerful look into the seamy and politically charged world of hunger in America. It traces facts and trend lines through the lives of three American families who strive day to day, but are unable to support themselves sufficiently to have a healthy diet.

The presentation is narrated by Jeff Bridges, who has committed himself to alleviating hunger in this country. Walter Cronkite reports, in an archive clip in “A Place at the Table”, that “Food insecurity was almost eradicated in our country in the 1970's, but it's back with a vengeance.” Bridges' response: “If another nation was doing this to our children, we'd be at war.”

In Q and A opportunities, such as the one which will follow this showing, viewers typically state that “A Place at the Table” has “certainly opened my eyes”, that they are “transformed”, and most often that they “want to do something about it.” Advocates will receive contact information to volunteer organizations which are dedicated to the issue locally. One person simply asked: “How can 20% of the American public be starving? This is the richest country in the world.” “A Place at the Table” documents the issue and opens paths for change.

The event is sponsored by The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle. Kristi Jacobson and Lori Silverbush directed the film.

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