Enjoy an “active” Potluck in the Burbs!

Lets gather at my house for potluck and playtime. We can feast at my house and play in the back yard or picnic and play at a local forest preserve that is 5 minutes away. We can decide at the last minute depending on the weather. The date can depend on majority vote. Either Saturday Sept. 22 or Sunday Sept. 23 or 30th. As for time, I'm thinking noonish so we have plenty of daylight hours. Additional comments, suggestions, questions?


As I prepare for Sunday, a few thoughts come to mind…

Transportation – I've lost track of drivers and riders from the city. Just a reminder for those who need transportation, my home is less than two miles away from the Libertyville train station.  I'd be happy to come pick you up if necessary.  My car seats 5 total.  (You'd be taking the Metra Milwaukee district north line.  Chicago-Fox Lake)  The train runs every 2 hours on Sunday.  It's not a problem if you arrive early or leave late.

Food – I think we're good with meat and veggies.  If you're not sure what to bring, may I suggest an appetizer or dessert.  Kale chips or fresh veggies for dipping into guacamole would be great snacks for watching football – hint hint 😉

Beverages – I'll make a large container of (unsweetened) fresh brewed green iced tea.  I'll also have tea and mocha teeccino on hand for hot drinks.  No dairy in the house but I do have coconut milk if you like to lighten things up.

Supplies – I have plenty of paper products and utensils from previous parties.  It will be an eclectic assortment to meet our needs.

Planning – Anyone is welcome to arrive earlier on Sunday to help plan/volunteer for the Grokfest entry.  The official party time is 12-4 but nothing is etched in stone.  See you all soon 🙂

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