Eat Exotic Burgers at Wheel House (and watch the Lions…)

Wheel House has amazing grass-fed burgers with crazy toppings. Or you can go for an ostrich, elk, bison or salmon burger. Or, do what I did and devour a 2 pound grass-fed burger with a massive pile of fries.

I was the first one to complete their challenge in just 45 minutes and I got a t-shirt. Yet I did not get my name up on the board because I did not have everything swallowed. Instead, the last bits were in my mouth.

They probably thought of this challenge because of Man vs Food, right? Well, my brother tells me that he won a challenge even though the last bits of food were just in his mouth – he did not swallow.

So why the hell did I get a t-shirt but not my name on the wall?

Let's go find out. Let's enjoy exotic burgers and get my damn name on the wall!

Last time I posted this I did not make it. I'm in Grand Rapids, MI so it's kind of a good excuse.

However, I have a flight booked from Chicago to Austin on October 17. I have to be in Chicago this time!

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