Down the Rabbit Hole: A Paleo Round Table

How Paleo is paleo? How Paleo should we be? How much is TOO paleo? Should you eat a Paleo diet your entire life, or just periodically?

Let's start by saying… we're all going to have different views. But let's share them.

This is a round table discussion to allow some of us who are more experienced with the paleo diet and primal lifestyle to be able to share some of that experience with folks still getting their feet wet in Whole 30 or AIP, etc., and would like to learn more about the paleo options out there, why eat paleo, etc. ALSO, this is an opportunity for those of us who are more experienced to learn what OTHERS have been doing and what sort of results it's gotten them.

Things that may come up:

Primal Blueprint vs. Paleo vs. Whole 30 vs. AIP… what IS any of that and why?

Modern Hunting and Foraging – is it even possible?

Grocery store shopping without succumbing to temptation!

Local and online sources for better quality paleo-approved foods

Ancient Paleo – What “cavemen” ate vs. “Paleo”

Foraged foods vs storebought and why you should care

Fermentation! Sauerkraut, kombucha, kefir, and more… why gut health matters and where probiotics are SUPPOSED to come from


See you Sunday!!!

Note: This is not a “paleo-friendly” location in that they offer only basic sandwich fare, which is why we're setting this for late enough to avoid the worst heat but early enough to get us out of there to get dinner after. The coffee isn't bad, the people are great, the location is not awful, and they're open late on Sunday (which, in truth, is probably the number one reason). If you have a paleo-friendly place that wouldn't mind having us on a Sunday afternoon/eve, give the organizers a shout and we'll be glad to reach out to them about future events! Thanks!!!

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