Discover the new Kitchfix Store on the Gold Coast

Visit newly-opened Kitchfix Gold Coast, the first retail store from the Paleo-friendly meal delivery and prepared foods company. 

Enjoy samples of their Paleo offerings plus participate in a focus group to determine their next menu of Paleo meals and snacks! 


Kitchfix cooks so you don't have to! They make healthy & tasty food to busy & happy people. Their delicious menu is made with organic, local, nutrient-dense ingredients, and free of gluten and dairy. There are a lot of Paleo options, too! 

Kitchfix offers online ordering so that you can get fully-prepared meals delivered to your home or a Kitchfix hub.  They also have catering services, plus their Paleo Granola is available at all Illinois Mariano's & Whole Foods locations. 

Kitchfix Gold Coast opened in late-August and is their newest offering!Shop their meals and snacks available for grab & go, or stay and warm up your meal in-store. Plus, enjoy a wellness beverage such as a Matcha Lattte with almond milk, Fix'd Latte (coconut oil coffee drink), warm Bone Broth (grass-fed beef or pasture-raised chicken), or a smoothie like the AB & J made with collagen protein. 

Visit or follow them on Instagram @mykitchfix! 

Questions? Contact Jenny Westerkamp, RD at [masked]. 

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