Discover Paleo Christmas Edition

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Join us for our Discover Paleo Christmas Edition

What's included:
A spectacular dinner supplied by Wholesomeness providing healthy, nourishing and downright delicious meals based on Paleo principles.

Introduction to Paleo & how to make the Paleo template work best for you! Tips on meal planning, preparation, shopping and meal ideas. Presented by Leah Williamson Founder/Organiser of the Brisbane Paleo group

The science of Paleo Diet and lifestyle. Presented by our Naturopath, Food Scientist and Nutritionist Daniela Le Sueur.

From paddock to plate, Presented by Organic Farmer Adrian Tiller

Our Presenters

Leah Williamson of the Brisbane Paleo Group. Celebrate a real food Christmas with simple, sustainable tips that can help you enjoy a healthy and happy Christmas without all the stress of an expanding waistline. In this workshop you will learn:

The basics of a real food diet and why we choose the Paleo template. How to apply this lifestyle during the Christmas season without feeling like you are going without. Delicious, easy and nutritious recipes that the whole family will enjoy. And how to avoid stressful situations because it’s Christmas and we want to have fun and enjoy ourselves.

Daniela Le Sueur, Naturopath
North Brisbane Naturopath, Daniela Le Sueur
Daniela Le Sueur, our very own Naturopath and Herbalist here at Stafford Chiropractic and Wellbeing Centre in Brisbane will talk about detoxifications that are specific to your needs.

She will give a couple of great tips and tricks for you to use to help balance your gut flora, and an overview of the necessity of detoxes for everyone, ESPECIALLY someone struggling with gut issues. She will also discuss how important some life changes are to reaching your optimal potential.

Adrian Tiller and daughter Amy
Sherwood Rd Organic Meats (Sherwood) and Morley St Organic Meats (Toowong) are about as ‘paddock to plate’ as it gets! Farmer Adrian Tiller produces organic beef, lamb and goat at Roma and daughter Amy sells it in their stores. Other wonderful farmers supply what they don’t produce themselves: Bendele Farm certified organic/free-range poultry and Dawson Valley “humane-choice” free-range pork. They specialise in paleo and other food nutrition networks eg GAPS and therefore stock a huge array of bones, grain-free and “CRAP-FREE” meats. They smoke their own nitrate-free, free-range hams and bacons. But best of all they are there to help and happy to chat at any time.

Alan Brown The Effect of Posture and Movement on the Spine, Nervous System and Organ Systems: A Holistic Perspective by Alan Brown Chiropractor at Windsor Chiropractic.

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