Dinner at Hawksmoor restaurant, W1

Hawksmoor produce absolutely wonderful steaks, usually in large proportions so it's essential to go with several people!

They have an a fantastic Paleo menu with items such as grilled bone marrow etc. as well as grilled meat prepared in an 18th Century style and is based upon the famous private members steak clubs of that time. 

This will be a small group as this is a VERY EXPENSIVE restaurant, though I hope all will subsequently agree that it provides value for money and a memorable paleo experience. 

Please see their menu online to judge for yourself. (http://thehawksmoor.com)

I have chosen the Air Street restaurant but previously I have been to the one in Langley Street on a number of occasions.

They also have an excellent wine menu.

NB: I will ask the waiter to account individually and I will offset the £30 deposit per head (see below)


Unfortunately, my recent experience has been that many people have not turned up to meetings without letting me know in advance. I understand circumstances can arise where it is not possible to come to an event but 60%+ no-shows (without changing the RSVP) is a problem. At the last event, it was fully booked the day before but there were five of us at the table on the day… We have had this on two occasions since I took over as organiser. This is unfair on restaurants that may lose business as a result, as well as their staff who may lose tips etc. This is a problem even if people change RSVP at last minute, though that is preferred to no-show(!)

Please understand therefore that some payment in advance will now be requested for events that have a specified number of places, such a restaurants. This prepayment will include the group £2 administration fee, an offset for Paypal charges and a deposit for the restaurant meal. The £2 and the paypal fees will be non-refundable and the restaurant element only if a substitute diner can be found and who then attends and pays in full. You should assume this to be unlikely. Any forfeited deposit may be used to cover restaurant cancellation fees (as would apply with Hawksmoor) and any excess to offset group administration costs. 

This is non-negotiable, if you don't agree then wait for other events where I do not have to do this. We will have general events, which I am working on, where I do not need to book in advance. I hope you all appreciate the necessity of this arrangement.

In the case of Hawksmoor, a significant deposit will be needed given the nature of the restaurant. Please expect to pay AT LEAST £50 per head, before wine etc. The fees well be approximately £2.00+£1.50 and the restaurant deposit set as £30.00.

The number of places will also be restricted so we can see how it goes. If there are insufficient numbers 48 hours before (when cancellation fees become chargeable by the restaurant), then I will consider cancelling the event. This is a bit of an experiment. If successful, I will arrange more at the Hawksmoor group and increase the number of places subsequently.

Meanwhile, I will be organising other events at a more ‘reasonable' price range…

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