Dialog Dinner w/Steve Fowkes, nutrition expert, hosted by Chef Joni Sare

Let's celebrate the Summer Solstice together – Saturday evening – with a light meal that will satisfy your summer indulgence with fresh fruit and veggies…. and… you'll get creative ideas for your summertime meals.

We'll start with a raw fruit soup:

· Sweet and Sour Apricot with Almond Cream

The main course will be light, yet filling and definitely will tantalize your taste buds:

· Grilled leeks and eggplant with thyme, dried lemon and sesame seeds
· Baby greens w/raspberry vinaigrette
· Steamed sweet corn infused with caraway and rolled in Sonoma's St. Pierre Olive Oil
· Marinated cucumber and tomato with lemon verbena and basil

For dessert, I'll serve my very own dairy-free:

· Thai young coconut and peach ice cream with a touch of port balsamic vinegar

These nutrition gatherings are for you… if you, a loved one or a client has a health challenge and you have questions, and/or have nutrition info to share with the group. Everyone is welcome, whether you are a patient or practitioner.

The discussions during dinner is open to any nutrition topic that is brought to the table.

(Private consultations are available with Steve before and after, please contact him to make an appointment.)

· Saturday, June 19th, 6:30 – 9:30 PM

Save the dates:

I'll send invitations soon for these Dinner events w/Steve Fowkes….

· Wednesday, June 30th, Dinner, 6:30 – 9:30 PM
· Thursday, July 8th, Dinner, 6:30 – 9:30 PM.
· Tuesday, July 27th, Dinner, 6:30 – 9:30 PM

$30 for one
$55 for two
$75 for parties of three
$90 for parties of four
$100 for parties of five

Joni, Dan and Steve's home in Sunnyvale
(address will be provided when you sign up)

Why Dialog Dinners:
Hosting the Dialog Dinners brings me one step closer to having a restaurant, yet allows me to offer more – a featured guest with a group discussion that enables a growing and learning experience in an intimate setting. This brings the experience of eating out and having dinner with others to a whole new level.

Upcoming topics:
The Dialogs this summer will include: nutrition, exercise, consciousness, poetry, sustainability, slow food and slow money. Guests will include authors, community leaders, entrepreneurs, musicians and more.

Past topics:
The Nutrition Dialogs with Steve are consistently interesting and dynamic, past dialogs have had focus topics, such as:
* Ketosis, Coconut Oil and Mitochondrial Nutrition
* Insulin Resistance, Degenerative Diseases and Ketosis
* Ketosis and pH Balancing: Understanding Body Alkalinity
* Cellular Hydration and Potassium Utilization
* The Nutritional Basis of Happiness and Mood
* The role of fat-burning in well-being and longevity
* Better Sex
* Thyroid hormone testing and well-being
* Smart drugs (and nutrients): The Designer Brain
* Weight Loss
* Hormone Health and Graceful Aging
* The ABCs of metabolism
* Collagen and Connective Tissue Health
* Osteoporosis, Stroke and Heart Disease
* Better Sleep through Neurochemistry

Steve Fowkes is an organic chemist, biochemist, nutritional-formulation consultant, legal expert witness and is considered an expert in brain function and metabolism. He has written several books, authored numerous articles and papers, illustrated books and scientific papers and served as editor, technical editor and guest editor on many more. He is currently writing his sixth book. In 1979, he co-founded a vitamin company, Vitamin Research Products and managed their research, new product development, manufacturing, data-processing and shipping departments until 1983. In 1992, he founded and continues to direct the Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute. His ability to translate technical topics for the public led to TV appearances on People are Talking, a San Francisco-based TV talk show, the Dr. Dean Edel Show, a nationally syndicated TV talk show, and CNN's Larry King Live, and several anti-aging documentaries. Steve is available for private and group nutrition counseling.
Email address: [masked]
Web samples of Steve's writings: www.ceri.com
Skype: swfowkes
YouTube: swfowkes

Joni Sare, NE, Chef is a personal trainer for the kitchen and a healthy-eating coach for people. She specializes in whole-food nutrition lectures, cooking demos, meal planning and dinners (from raw food to meat-based meals). Joni offers 3- to 30-day live-in retreats to help people make lasting changes. She began nutrition studies in 1983 and is course-certified as a Nutrition Educator (2007) and Natural Chef (2008), from Bauman College(.org) in Berkeley. Joni is also the Executive Director of the Health Medicine Forum(.org), an educational foundation in Walnut Creek. Joni is available for private and group nutrition counseling, lectures, cooking demos and catering.
Email address: [masked]
Web site: www.jonisare.com

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