Dialog Dinner with nutrition expert, Jan 27th, Thursday

Dialog Dinners are a sit-down-format, four-course dining experience with a featured speaker, hosted by Chef Joni Sare at private homes. Events are held around the San Francisco Bay Area, in homes with suitable seating and kitchens. Seating is limited to 8-16 people per event, depending on the particular home. Call Joni to inquire about hosting a Dialog Dinner in your venue. Meals vary from Paleolithic format to vegan and raw food, depending on the speakers and guests. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated. Most meals are gluten, dairy and sugar free.

Sign up here for the first event Thursday, Jan. 27th, all other events will have their own posting with RSVP sign ups.

27 January, Thursday, Cupertino.
Date/time: Thursday evening, January 27th, 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Place: Cupertino (the address will be sent with your registration confirmation).
Meal: Paleolithic menu, TBA.
Topic: Open to the guests … i.e. bring your own health question, first registered = first question. See below for suggestions.
Cost: $40, payment must be made to RSVP (or $50 at the door, contact Joni to RSVP)


5 February, Saturday, Cupertino.
Date/time: Saturday evening, February 5th, 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Place: Cupertino, address will be sent with your registration confirmation.
Meal: Paleolithic menu, TBA.
Topic: The topic will be thyroid hormone, estrogens, inflammation and body energy systems as they apply specifically to diet and weight loss. Steve will address male and female weight issues.
(Second topic requested: gut health, food choices, probiotics, leaky-gut syndrome.)
Cost: $40, payment must be made to RSVP (or $50 at the door, contact Joni to RSVP)

25 February, Friday, Cupertino.

Date/time: Friday evening, February 25th, 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Place: Cupertino, address will be sent with your registration confirmation.
Meal: Paleolithic menu, TBA.
Topic: Neuroendocrine health: mood, sex, sleep, and mental attitude. You are not only what you eat, breathe and drink, but what you think and feel, too.
Cost: $40, payment must be made to RSVP (or $50 at the door, contact Joni to RSVP)

5 March, Saturday, Lafayette.

Date/time: Saturday evening, March 5th, 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Place: Lafayette, address will be sent with your registration confirmation.
Meal: TBA
Topic: Gut health, yeast overgrowth, Candida, weight management.
Cost: $40, payment must be made to RSVP (or $50 at the door, contact Joni to RSVP)

Questions? … call or write:

Joni Sare at[masked] or[masked], jonisare at g mail dot com
Steve or Anne Fowkes at[masked], fowkes2 at ceri dot com


Dialog Dinner, past and future locations around the San Francisco Bay Area…

South bay (Sunnyvale and Cupertino)
East Bay (Lafayette, Rossmoor and Walnut Creek)
North bay (San Rafael and Petaluma)


Here are past topics (these are suggestions for our January 27th, and/or the final hour of any Dialog Dinner)

1. Cultivating the beneficial effects of alcohol (i.e., preventing hangovers)
2. Psychological addiction to sweets and deserts (how to cut down carbohydrate cravings).
3. Intermittent fasting strategies. Partial fasts. Inflammatory and neuroendocrine benefits.
4. Managing food hypersensitivities. Rotation diets. Enzyme supplements. Food challenges.
5. Enhancing and restoring sleep rhythms. Tuning in to the 14-hour day.
6. Managing the SAD season (spectral enhancements of light, and vitamin D).
7. Inflammation. What is it? And what can be done to control it?
8. Ketosis, coconut oil, MCT fat and mitochondrial nutrition.
9. Insulin resistance, degenerative diseases. The role of carbohydrate and ketosis.
10. pH balancing: understanding body alkalinity. The other (acid) side of the story.
11. Cellular hydration and potassium utilization. A testable aspect of metabolic balancing.
12. The nutritional basis of happiness and mood. From neurotransmitters to B-complex.
13. Smart drugs (and nutrients): The designer brain (take it out and play with it).
14. The ABCs of metabolism. From vitamins to metabolic exercise.
15. Collagen and connective tissue health: cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and stroke.
16. Serotonin, sleep, happiness and emotional equanimity.

About Steve Fowkes:
Steve Fowkes is an organic chemist, neurobiochemist, nutritional formulation consultant, legal expert witness and is considered an expert in brain function and metabolism. He has written several books, authored numerous articles and papers, illustrated books and scientific papers and served as editor, technical editor and guest editor on many more. He is currently writing his sixth book. In 1979, he co-founded a nutrition company, Vitamin Research Products and managed their research, new product development, manufacturing, data-processing and shipping departments until 1983. In 1992, he founded and continues to direct the Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute. His ability to translate technical topics for the public led to TV appearances on People are Talking, a San Francisco-based TV talk show, The Dr. Dean Edel Show, a nationally syndicated TV talk show, and CNN's Larry King Live and several anti-aging documentaries. Steve is available for private and group nutrition counseling.
Email address: fowkes2 [at]ceri.com
Web samples of Steve's writings and talks: www.ceri.com …and… www.youtube.com
Telephone:[masked]-CERI (2374)

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