Depression: the Paleo Approach

We are very excited to have Owen Raybould, Nutrition Coach and founder of Ancestral Health and Nutrition speaking at our meeting. Owen has been working with mental health charities such as MIND and Depression Alliance on nutritional treatments for depression. Nutrition is often overlooked but may prove to be the next big breakthrough in the treatment of mental health issues.

There will also be an introductory talk on the Paleo lifestyle by Tess and a question and answer session with both speakers. Everybody is welcome. We hope to provide people with a good introduction to the Paleo lifestyle and hopefully show that it is more than the usual ‘Caveman diet fad’ headlines. It will be a chance for people to chat to followers of the lifestyle (we don’t like to use the word ‘diet’) and find out about the potential benefits; not just for depression but for a range of illnesses.

‘An Introduction to Paleo: what we can learn from our ancestors about eating, moving, sleeping and stress’ by Tess Stabb and ‘Depression: The Paleo Approach: what the Paleo/Ancestral Health movement can contribute to treatment of this growing problem’ by Owen Raybould will take place on Friday 4th July from 7pm onwards at Cusop Village Hall, Hay on Wye, Herefordshire HR3 5RW. Free teas and coffees will be available and there is a suggested donation of £3.

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