Deer hunting safari

One of our group members has organised a group hunting trip for us – this is a guided hunting trip so will cost around $350 to pay the farmer ( for a doe or spiker deer) and guides on the day:

For all those serious about paleo eating… Come and spend a day learning how to hunt wild game from a professional guide on a private farm. The guides will help you find, shoot, dress, and process a deer of your choice which you will then take home, knowing that it lived a healthy outdoor life in freedom, eating and living naturally, and that you had the courage and skill to bring it home yourself! I've successfully hunted in NZ's national parks and feel like it's time to have a go on private land, so I've organised a day trip to a private farm just north of Auckland, and I'm inviting a few of the more keen paleo types along for a learning experience in feeding yourself the old way (with some modern technology — gotta start somewhere!).

This kind of thing isn't for everyone, so I'll contact those who RSVP ‘yes' to go over the plan and make sure you'll be prepared (you need to be able to meet up in person beforehand so we all know each other).

You'll need:
-A high level of safety awareness (obviously!). The careless, reckless, and stubborn need not apply! Anyone acting irresponsibly will be promptly shown the exit and won't be given a refund.

-Ability to hike a few km in outdoor terrain.

-Experience with firearms — go to a rifle range a few times first if you have no experience. A firearms license isn't necessary because the licensed guides will be with you at all times. You will be given a safety demonstration and briefing and be under constant supervision by the guides during the day.

-A good sense of adventure. Adrenaline will be pumping at times, at others you'll be muddy and bloody! A good kiwi ‘can-do', ‘give-it-a-go' attitude will go a long way. If that's not you, you better just go fire up the Playstation now 😉

-$350 to pay the farmer/guides on the day. This is for a doe or spiker deer. It will be more for a stag, and more if you want the farmer to do all the dirty work for you 🙂

-You don't need a rifle, it will be provided.

-You'll need transport at least to the carpooling point (to be arranged once RSVPs are finalised).

-Shoes suitable for outdoors, e.g. hiking boots etc.

-Snacks, water, daypack, packed lunch or BBQ fare. -Outdoor clothing.

More info from the farmer:

Recreational Fallow Deer Hunting. 1 hour north of Auckland City.

Experience Fallow Deer hunting on a 300 acre private property 1 hour north of Auckland city. Good areas of mature bush, pine trees, streams, gullies and hills to hide in and stalk animals.

Guided by a professional means that you will be in a safe secure environment at all times. All levels of rifle and bow hunters welcome. Guns provided if needed.
All ages of Fallow deer to select from. Spikers to full headed bucks.

Animals can be dressed by your guide, put into a chiller immediately and packaged by a butcher if requested. Spend time at our hunting lodge for relaxation after your hunt. A BBQ is available for your use.

Other activities include; Hunting lodge overnight stay experience with eco [ possum] shooting. Corporate functions at the Hunting lodge can include clay bird shooting, target shooting, golf

driving range, tramping, camping, filming and photography shoots.
Families welcome for overnight stays. Bush walks, check out the glow worms, watch the deer.

Bring your own chilly bin of food as a BBQ is provided for your use.

The hunting lodge sleeps 5+, a great place to relax and unwind for a weekend, read a book, do nothing and enjoy the countryside. Facilities in place. Overseas visitors welcome.


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