Deep Nature Gardening: How Deep Is Your Garden?

Whether you have a large outdoor space, a simple lawn that you'd like to transform, or just a few containers on a porch, you can create a full, balanced, beautiful, and abundantly productive ecosystem, complete with many different kinds of animal residents and visitors. Even a small container garden can attract and nurture rare and interesting creatures such as butterflies, birds, bees, and more. Larger gardens can shelter vertebrates like frogs, newts, and nesting birds.

If you like, you can assemble and take home a small container garden with planting medium, ready to grow into an ecosystem mini-garden. You also get a free on-site visit at a later date, where we can explore your existing landscape and talk about its potential as a deep nature garden. This is your opportunity to be part of the growing movement of naturalistic gardeners. Won't you join us? 

• Learn what a deep nature garden is 

• Learn how a deep nature garden is not like a traditional one 

• Learn about the stages of a deep nature garden 

• Learn about the skills of deep nature gardening 

• Take home a small container garden you created yourself 

• Arrange a free on-site visit in your own garden

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