Dan French does his thing at Tom’s Tabouley

So, at tonight's going away for Mohan Zhang, some people were talking about this upcoming show.

I think we should all go. I hear it's good.

From the Dan French's Facebook Page:

“Reeeeminder: this Saturday, June 30, 8:30 p.m., I will once again be in the beautiful little showroom inside Tom's Tabooley restaurant, performing the latest version of “The Comedian's Diet: The Story of How a Standup Comic Lost 100+ Lbs. and Gained His Life Back.” The show continues to evolve as I perform it more and more, so it's always different than the time before. It's free, funny, and filled with actual explanations and solutions to the weight-gain weirdness that turned America into a herd of humappotamuses. Send friends who are curious to hear some truly new ideas that will make a powerful difference in their health, all wrapped up in comedy, like bacon around a cut of mignon (which, by the way, means “cute” in French, which is a weird way to refer to meat, but tasty at the same time). Send friends, bring yourself, learn about wombats, it's a fun show, and family friendly.

Tom's Tabooley
2928 Guadalupe
(lots of parking in surrounding neighborhoods)”

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