Crustless Meatzza Pizza “Meatzzup” Meetup @ Lou Malnati’s

Many don't know this AWESOME menu item at Lou Malnati's: the “crustless” pizza- where the crust is made of sausage and is completely crust-free, gluten-free.

Description pulled from menu:

(GF) The “Crustless” Pizza (nutrition)
Perfect for those on a gluten-free or low-carb diet, our “Crustless” pizza is made with Lou's lean sausage as the base, and then topped with mozzarella cheese and vine-ripened tomato sauce.

Personal (serves 1) $9.55
Small (serves 2) $15.25
Medium (serves 3) $20.50
Large (serves 4) $25.75

Topping Choices:

Mushrooms, onions, green peppers, black olives, basil, sliced roma tomatoes, extra cheese, garlic, hot giardiniera, anchovies, extra tomato sauce or fresh spinach mix (enhanced with garlic, basil & onion). Price per topping:
Personal $1.05
Small $2.05
Medium $2.45
Large $2.70

* Reservation set for 15, so first come first serve, and please make sure you update your RSVP to its most accurate status.

* Free parking

* We need to preorder the pizzas before we get there since we have a larger party, so please provide your input and requests in the comments.

* I'm thinking 5 large pizzas would be perfect for a group of 15… Which would total between $10-12 per person (drinks would be additional). We just need to decide on toppings:-)

Looking forward to this one!

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