crosspost: SCH January Event: Fermentation series: Kombucha Brewing

THIS IS A CROSSPOST from the “Urban Homesteaders” and “Sustainable Capitol Hill” meetups:

With the holidays over, and some new resolutions to keep, why not try a cleanse using Kombucha? Our presenter will show you how to brew kombucha, the fermented tea famed for it's heathful properties. Please note, Kombucha can actually be harmful if the culture is contaminated. SCH makes no claims to any health properties.
As always, SCH events are free, but we gladly accept donations to keep the events going.
If you'd like some SCOBY, please note this in your RSVP, and we will try to make sure there is enough for everyone.

SCH January Meeting
Monday, January 6
Braeburn, 1410 E. Pine St.

6:30p Potluck (please bring a snack or beverage, as well as your own utensils and plates) (FYI – this is a mixed interest group.  Foods may be paleo friendly or not.)

7:00p How to Brew Kombucha

Please meet us at Braeburn 1410 E. Pine St. There are two doors, so make sure you go to the 1410 door, where you can get buzzed in (there will be a sign at the door with instructions).

P.S.–If you'd like to join the planning meeting, we will be meeting for about 30 min after the event. Please feel free to stay and give us your input!
Also, feel free to join the SCH Meetup Page, which sometimes has special events not advertised elsewhere:

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