crosspost: Mushroom Gathering Off Mt. Loop Hwy

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Come and romp through the woods searching for edible mushrooms or just to find some pretty cool-but-don't-eat ones! This is an area we have hit up for four years now and always brought home good things.
There may be lions mane, chanterelles, chicken of the woods, cauliflower, and other stuff but it's all up to mother nature and what we fall upon. Mainly you will go home with Wild Oyster Mushrooms!
We will meet at the Snohomish Park and Ride and we can all carpool up there. It is a long drive from Snohomish to the area where we will be going. So if you carpool sharing the gas money might be helpful.

Things to bring:
Real Compass
Clothing for wet environment
Hiking Boots or waterproof footwear
Basket or Plastic/Paper bags to store mushrooms
Razor or knife
*Bright neon clothing
Books for identification

We plan to bring a few bags (one for confirmed edible, and others to take back and try to identify if we are unsure).

This area is deep woods, so there are no trails. You will have to climb, duck, and slide down things. There could be wild animals and hunters. So go at your own risk. Staying in a group is a must! Tough hiking but a ton of fun and just great to be out in nature! Wild Oyster Mushrooms:


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