crosspost: Hands-On Mushroom Installation at the Tacoma Food Forest!

rsvp for real here:

We will be installing the mycological layer of our Food Forest design at the Food Forest in Swan Creek Park. The mushrooms we will be cultivating will be both edible and medicinal, and will be a community resource free to all once they begin fruiting. It will be a great way for those who visit to learn how to identify edible and medicinal species in a forest environment, as well as learn how to cultivate said species in your own back yard! Mycelium and mushroom growing kits will be available for sale at the workshop. The workshop will be led by Ja Schindler, who is the founder and director of Fungi For The People, an organization dedicated to social and environmental justice through conducting research and offering education in mushroom production and mycoremediation.
Originally from Detroit, Michigan, his interests in post-industrial urban renewal, food security, and environmental awareness have driven him to forge new approaches in converting organic waste streams into nutrient dense foods via community-scale mushroom cultivation, all while enhancing biodiversity in urban rebound ecosystems. Ja now resides in Eugene, Oregon where he is developing a Mushroom Cultivation Design Center, and frequently facilitates courses and delivers lectures on mycology around the country.

No one will be turned away due to lack of funds, but donations are very welcome, and needed! A variety of mushroom spawn will be available for purchase at the event. Hope to see you there!

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