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Gluten-Free: Fun, Fabulous and Fantastic!
7:30-9pm – $15 Click here to Register Now!
(There will also be a “Make a Mystical Apron” workshop on Saturday that corresponds with this event! $50 Click here for more info:

Learn how to be gluten-free and fabulous. Believe it or not, gluten-free cooking can be fun, easy, and incredibly delicious! You don’t have to give up enjoying your meals. In fact, some things actually taste much better when they’re gluten-free.

If the words “gluten-free” make you feel like shouting in despair…Au revoir decadent pastry! Adios hearty burrito wrapped in flour tortilla! Arrivederci mouthwatering pasta! Auf Wiedersehen rich wheat beer! Goodbye favorite snacks and treats! Then, this is the talk for you!

Gluten-free can actually open the door to amazing new tastes, textures, and foods. Whether you have celiac disease, are gluten intolerant, or simply want to learn more about gluten-free living, you’ll never look at gluten-free the same way again. Do you want to remove gluten from your diet but don’t know where to start?

Do you have a friend or family member with gluten intolerance? Or, do you want to bring more diversity into your meals? If so, you won’t want to miss this discussion-based gathering with Mystic Chef MEADOW LINN. Although “gluten-free” means “without wheat, rye, or barley,” you will learn how gluten-free can actually be a catalyst for expanding your palate and widening your horizons. Whether you eat gluten-free or are just curious to learn more, in this talk you’ll learn how to broaden your culinary options and find increased joy in your meals. As a result, you’ll begin to savor your life more fully. You’ll also learn little-known tips to bring more fun into your cooking and more spirituality into your dining. And, you’ll go home with delicious gluten-free recipes, tips for easy menu planning, and information on what to look for when reading labels and restaurant menus.

Meadow is an accomplished chef who’s been sharing her love of food since she was old enough to crawl into the cupboards. She teaches cooking both in the USA and internationally and is the co-founder of The Mystic Chef® culinary training. With her mother Denise Linn, Meadow co-authored two books, Quest and The Mystic Cookbook, which inspired a keynote address to 2,000 people about the secret alchemy of food. Meadow is a passionate photographer, and her photos have won awards at both the state and national level.

Meadow writes a column in the Seattle Chinese Times and contributes regularly to VividLife in Canada and InSpirit Magazine in Australia. Her popular blog ( is filled with delicious recipes, beautiful photos, and scrumptious stories about life, love, and living well. Meadow lives on the Central Coast of California where she enjoys writing, tending her vegetable garden, and cuddling with her dog, cats, and chickens.

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