Cow Share: 280 pounds of grass-fed beefy deliciousness

Cow share time.

Last time I bought grass-fed beef from Glynwood, I told Ken, the farmer, that our group could tackle a steer. Well, the steer is in, and we own half of it. Hanging weight of 558 pounds, so that means 280 for our half (a little higher than what it ends up being). And it's ready to be picked up.

We're going to start with 20 shares. Each share will contain 10 pounds at an average price of $6 per pound. Shares will be an assortment of cuts. Everyone will get some ground beef. Plus a few “medium tier” cuts. Plus a few “upper tier” cuts. We will arrange a group pick-up date on Saturday, August 28th, and if you want to trade with other people, you can certainly do so. If you can't come, then we can arrange another time to swing by my place and get it.

** This price is subject to change slightly. I don't know the exact price per pound until we see how many pounds we get and what the costs are associated with picking it up. But I tried to factor that in and I think it's unlikely it will go any higher. $6 per pound is a good price for grass-fed ground beef, but you'd also be getting higher end cuts — the benefits of going in on half a cow. **

If you have an SUV and want to help us pick it up, let us know. The group will cover gas and expenses, you'd be assured of a share, and you'd get to see Glynwood. It's about 1.5 hours – 2 hours away.

ground beef
stew beef
boneless chuck roasts
rib steaks on inch thick
shoulder clod pot roast
beef short ribs
t-bone steaks one inch thick
porterhouse steaks one inch thick
sirloin steaks one inch thick
top round London Broil
top round roast about three pounds
bottom round roast about four pounds
eye round roast about two and a half pounds
sirloin tip steaks one inch thick

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