Costumed Candy-Free Halloween Party

Edited to add: If you have a copy of Make it Paleo and missed getting it signed at our event last year – bring it Sat Oct 27th because Bill & Hayley of The Food Lovers' Kitchen will be attending the party too!


Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. And since going Paleo we've been trying to figure out how to fully enjoy the holiday while not going crazy on food that will make us sick. This year, we've decided to host a “paleo halloween party”. To us, that means grain-free treats so kids don't feel deprived, but more of a focus on fun than food.


We've rented a bounce house, we will have glitter tattoos, a grain-free cake walk and are very open to ideas for a haunting good time! I'd love to set-up a tent in the back-yard with a few “scary” things for the kids to explore, but I need ideas!Apple bobbing? Stuff that feels gross when you're blind folded and touching it? Help!


We're opening up our home to all the grain-free, dairy-free, legume-free and refined sugar-free kids in town for a full celebration! If it rains, we might reschedule to the following weekend – but let's hope it doesn't.


The party will go well into the night, so we recommend bringing pajamas for the kids to change into for the car on the way home.


We will likely have some special guests too, so don't miss this one!


Wanna come? Here's what we ask:

Bring something to “exchange” with the other kids. A dollar store trinket, something homemade or whatever you can think of to replace the candy kids would usually come away from a party with. Each of my boys will choose something that represents them to exchange. Please don't have this be food, there will be plenty of treats at the party and none of us want our kids on a sugar-high for a week! Bring TWO dishes for this potluck. 1) A grain/dairy/legume/refined sugar-free treat to share. This can be cupcakes for the cakewalk, homemade dark chocolate candies, alcoholic beverage for adults or whatever you want to share with the group for the party. 2) A finger food for the dinner hour. Meatballs, veggies & dip, fruit on a stick, or something clever that's halloweeny would be great. WEAR A COSTUME. No, seriously. Don't be a party pooper.  

Can't wait to party with you! If you have clever ideas please share, I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of non-candy-related-fun we can come up with!

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