Cookbook club: let’s cook our food for Wedn Paleo Potluck

Are you new to Paleo?

Don't know what to make for the Wednesday night Paleo Potluck?

Want to use one of my Paleo cookbooks for inspiration?

Is what you want to make too complex for one person?

Do you need a recipe? …need guidance? …. want to cook with others?


If so…..

Come to my kitchen, the day before the potluck. We'll either join forces to create a combo dish, or, one of us will use the oven and the others will use the stove top, or any of my gadgets I have, such as: dehydrators, food processors, Vitamix, and more.



Here's how it works:

Arrive anytime, between 5 and 9pm. Be sure to allow for talking time, reading time, idea-ing time, cooking time, cooling time and packaging time. Pay $5 (this fee is sort-of like a usage fee, or like a toll fee). More $$ is verrrrrry much appreciated, especially if you will require my help, my attention. A donation jar will be set out.

1. No need to have a recipe. I have plenty of cookbooks.

2. Or – bring a recipe, a cookbook, and bring your food, bring your serving dish and cook your potluck item at my house.

3. Bring your baking dish, or I have baking dishes that you can use, yet all my things stay here, so remember to bring a container to bring home the food you make.

4. Or – don't bring anything… just hang out, help out, bliss out (no $5 fee).

5. Bring ANY fresh produce, ANY THING, that you are inspired to buy, and/or ANY THING that you have in your frige and pantry …..and we'll create something … from a cookbook  and/or we'll come up with our own recipe.

6. Bring food that you've always wanted to try, something seasonal – of course. And we'll look through cookbooks, and/or come up with our own recipe.

7. If you can't make the potluck on Wednesday night, the next night, then come to this gathering. 



              Are you in need

                 of inspiration in the kitchen?


Do you

      want to learn

HOW to read a cookbook?


                           Is it time to dust off

               forgotten cookbooks and use'm again?



       Need motivation to get

                                   back into the kitchen?



Do you have a favorite cookbook and

want to share it with others?


                                                        Wanna learn NOT to use a cookbook?



If so… then join my



We'll meet at my home, your home, at a library, at a bookstore, at a restaurant.


We'll also have cook offs, challenges, group-cook parties, solo-cook parties.


We'll meet in the morning, the afternoon, evenings, weekdays and weekends.


No one is left behind. This ‘club' is for everyone:

          Newbies Wannabies Don't-wannabies Seasoned-bies Can-handle-anything-bies Can't-handle anything-bies  

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