Cookbook club: it’s time for an adventure through our books, 4pm

              Are you in need

                 of inspiration in the kitchen?


Do you

      want to learn

HOW to read a cookbook?


                           Is it time to dust off

               forgotten cookbooks and use'm again?



       Need motivation to get

                                   back into the kitchen?



Do you have a favorite cookbook and

want to share it with others?


                                                        Wanna learn NOT to use a cookbook?



If so… then join my



We'll meet at my home, your home, at a library, at a bookstore, at a restaurant.


We'll also have cook offs, challenges, group-cook parties, solo-cook parties.


We'll meet in the morning, the afternoon, evenings, weekdays and weekends.


No one is left behind. This ‘club' is for everyone:

          Newbies Wannabies Don't-wannabies Seasoned-bies Can-handle-anything-bies Can't-handle anything-bies  

Upcoming dates:

Wednesday, Oct 26th, will be the first gathering. You will join me at my table, going through books preparing for my cooking class at 6:30pm. You will see how I put together a menu and recipes with the food I received in my CSA box. (box of produce directly from the farmer)

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