Common Paleo Pitfalls: Diana Rodgers

Diana has spoken at many Paleo f(x) conferences and recently on stage with Robb Wolf at AHS 2013 in Atlanta. She's organized great Farm to Table dinners and shared her knowledge thorough farm tours and advocacy including the recent event with Alan Savory and the Savory Institute.

Amit and I have known Diana for several years now and watched her spectacular growth -nutritionist, blogger, educator, speaker, and book author. She sincerely wants everyone to improve in their health and improve the sustainability of farms and livestock. We are proud she is a local rising star in the ancestral movement.

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Mountain Strength Crossfit

Common Paleo Pitfalls. Learn all about how folks get it wrong on paleo. From fear of fats to “carbphobia” and lack of sleep, Diana will explain the proper way to incorporate nutrition and lifestyle in a balanced way. Supplements will also be discussed.


$15 donation to the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund.  Signed copies of her book, Paleo Lunches and Breakfasts on the Go, will be available for purchase for $20.

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