Coffee in St. Charles

“This is a great chance for new or inactive members to come out to meet some of the regulars, learn from them, and make new friends. If you have been curious about this group but haven't pulled the trigger on coming to a meetup, we really encourage you to come out!!!”

Seems some members (new and old) are unable to make the Thursday evening New Member Welcome at HotPot. Here's a chance to come out and sip some coffee or tea, ask questions, offer up experiences, and otherwise socialize with like-minded folks. Thursday night regulars are welcome, of course!

We are meeting at <strong style=”color : #000000″>Crooked Tree Coffee House First Capitol Dr between Fifth Street and Lindenwood University. This meetup is conveniently timed so that afterward those interested can proceed to the <strong style=”color : #000000″>Organic Cave meetup together.

Note: This coffeehouse does not offer coconut milk as a creamer option. Bring your own if you wish.

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