Climb On!

My two favorite things in life are yoga and climbing.

This meetup is designed to introduce you to the sport of rock climbing through bouldering. Bouldering is a condensed version of rock climbing that does not require a belayer to catch you. A what? In sport climbing you have a rope tied to a harness worn around your waist as you climb. The other end of the rope is fed through a belay device called an ATC or Grigri managed by your partner (belayer) on the ground. If you fall while climbing the belayer will lock the rope in the belay device to prevent you from falling to the ground. Essentially they are catching you. There will not be a test so don’t worry if that did not make sense. This type of climbing requires specific training to correctly and safely use the belay device.

Bouldering in the gym only requires you to climb about 15-20 feet to finish a route. This type of climbing does not require you to have a rope because the floor is padded and it’s “safe” to fall. Safe is in quotations because climbing is inherently dangerous and although the gym provides a safer environment this should not supersede common sense. Climbing route difficulty is graded on the most difficult move required to complete (send) it. Often times this is called the crux or problem. The advantage to bouldering is the crux is reached early so you don’t have to climb 20-30 feet of wall before encountering the most difficult part.

What you need to know is climbing is very mentally and physically demanding. Physically it will test your upper body strength, grip, core engagement, and overall endurance. Mentally it will challenge you ability to read the route and problem solve. I will teach you how to read the grading and find routes suitable to your skill level. I will also provide basic climbing techniques. You job is to have fun!

We will meet at the North Austin Rock Gym located at: 8300 N Lamar Ste 102B Austin TX 78753 at 1:00 PM. The rock gym is about a stone throw away from True Nature Training. I work for the Austin Rock Gym and will negotiate a discounted rate for our group once I know the total number of participants. The cost should not exceed $20 per person. Wear comfortable clothes that allow free range of motion.

For those of you who really enjoy this meetup I will work toward setting up a belay training event, and then the next step is to climb outside which is what it’s all about. See you on the wall.

Climb on!

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