class: Chicks 201

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Title: Chicks 201
Instructor: Wayne Journee and Christy Cusick
Date: Saturday, April 19th 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.
Location: Seattle Farm Co-op
Cost: Free
Max Size: 15

Class Description: Now that you've got the chicks home and you're enjoying their cute fluffiness, you're probably ready to start thinking about their needs as they transition to life outside. Come join SFC board members and long time chicken raisers Wayne Journee and Christy Cusick in a casual Discussion/Q & A session on April 19th, from 2:00 to 3:30 the Seattle Farm Co-op. These two will discuss it all: appropriate coop set ups, feed requirements as your chicks grow, how to transition chicks to the outside, supplements, free ranging and tractor options, coop clean up, and more. Bring your questions! They'll also take you on a mini tour through the warehouse, showing you various feed options, grit and calcium options, bedding and run materials, resource books, and more.

Info about the Instructors: Wayne is a self described chicken geek. He has been enjoying his backyard flock for over five years. In that time he has also succumbed to the back yard framing bug and has expanded his operation to include honey bees, mason bees, ducks, vegetables and fruits, and aquaponics. Wayne has volunteered numerous hours at the Seattle Farm Co-op, and joined the board this year.

Christy Cusick's early 4-H memories were rekindled when she started up her backyard flock of hens in 2009. Following her desire to see her son grow up with a connection to his food chain, she started her own urban farm. Christy's farm currently features red wiggler composting worms, chickens, quail, fruit trees, and an ever expanding garden. As a long-time Seattle Farm Co-op board member, Christy's many contributions include feed buying and working warehouse hours alongside her son, Richard.

Class format: Informal discussion and Q & A, but you'll also want dress for the weather as part of the time will be spent in our warehouse and on the lot.

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