Chicken Liver Pate — Cooking Demo with Stuart Perlitz

Stuart Perlitz is an amazing chef, I met him at PrimalCon in Tulum Mexico. 

Stuart says that: “Food is my passion and going Primal has been a wonderful opportunity to take on new culinary challenges. 

I lived in Boerne from '98-'10 where I had 4 restaurants that ranged from a 50's burger house to French Provençal to Mexican to a coffee shop, bakery, creamery & restaurant.”

I asked him to do a cooking demo for us using organ meats, he suggested chicken livers: “Let's do a Chicken Liver Pate. It's good to demo because I can can serve 1/2 the sautéed livers with a nice bone broth glacé, demo the other 1/2 in the Vitamix and have some already chilled ready to serve.”

Come on and join us, it will be fun! 🙂


NOTE: Due to the size of my kitchen, attendance is limited to 15 people. We could pack a few more people in, but line of sight issues would get in the way. 

The $10 price of admission will cover the cost of materials for Stuart and the food he'll be sharing. Any money that's left over will go to pay the fees that  charges. 

The $10 entry fee will also help to assure that people who sign up for the event actually show up. This is important when the number of people who can attend the event is limited! 🙂

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