Cedar Park Natural Grocers (optional) Costco shopping, Q+A

I was at a Natural Grocers and Costco a few months ago and it hit me: I know in detail now why I pick every single item and don't pick others. I have the knowledge to make a trip to Natural Grocers or Costco my health care and way to thrive. Share your shopping tips and learn new ones among us.

Please join me for a trip through Natural Grocers in Cedar Park. I will go over basic low carb Paleo science and then we can go through the store and go over why I would or would not suggest items. Then an optional trip to Costco across the street.

My family finds Costco highly valuable and worth every penny of membership. If you have a membership great, maybe some foods you hadn't gotten. If you don't, I can explain why I value our membership so much.

Hope to see you there.


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