Casual get to know everyone first meetup

Loose Agenda – happy to change format if people wish but I have been speaking to members of the Melbourne Paleo Meetup and what has worked for them.

If people feel comfortable we might have a quick 5 min introduction on what you hope to acheive from the group and what your interests are ie/ some people are DR's, some trainers, bloggers etc.

From there we can either volunteer or pull names from a hat if we have many volunteers for 2x short presentations for our next meetup which will be 4-6 weeks after that (we can discuss the where/when/what etc at the meetup).

I have booked for 20 people at the “Botanical Cafe”.  The booking is under “Paleo Meetup Group” and I will need to confirm closer the numbers.

So all I ask if anything changes please change your RSVP on here so we are not upsetting the Cafe by saying 20 and only 10 showing up.  Thanks!

Looking forward to it and people should have no trouble spotting me on the day as I will be around 22 weeks pregnant or something by then 🙂

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