BYOM Backyard BBQ Feast

Let's have a backyard bbq feast at the Norris residence. We can all go to the farmers market or the store and get the best quality or exotic meats we can find. Then go home and prepare it for the grill however you like; marinade it, tenderize it, season it, give it a spice rub, etc. Then bring it to the meetup and we will grill it up and eat it up. Let's stick to red meats and sausage as we would have to change the heat and times for white meats. If you want to prepare chicken or pork beforehand and bring it that would be fine too. Also let's all bring a side dish, dessert, or beverage to round out the meal. We can have contests and prizes also if you'd like and get in some activity beforehand, maybe some ultimate frisbee or flag football. 

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