Bull Creek Hike + Food!

Thanks to everyone who made it to the last hike, I thought I'd try to schedule one in town this time.

Where: Bull Creek Park, let's meet in the parking lot (the one near the restrooms). We'll leave from there promptly at 10:30 AM.

What to expect: Some hiking through shallow water, a rocky ascent up the hillside trails, optional rock-climbing hijinks on the South end of the trail, and a fairly brisk pace. Expect around a 2-hour hike. We'll do the hike rain or shine, unless the weather is genuinely dangerous (thunder and lightning). Pets are welcome if they can climb steep, rocky hillside slopes.

Afterwords, we'll probably grab lunch nearby at Estancia Churrascaria (a brazilian steakhouse recommended by Jared). Please note that this place is fairly expensive: http://www.estanciachurrascaria.com/our_menu.html

Q. Can you join us just for the hike, or just for the lunch? A. Sure, I'll do my best to coordinate but I'm not a master of meetup logistics. You can reach me at[masked] (text or voice).

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