Bubs, Bumps and Beyond

Bumps, Bubs and Beyond

… Wellbeing for mums, bubs and kids.

An amazing line up with lunch included from Wholesomeness.
Tickets via https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/bumps-bubs-and-beyond-tickets-16738629692

Presented by Shan Cooper, Founder of My Food Religion:

DIY Natural Alternatives to Detox your Home

26 seconds… That is how fast it takes for the products you put ON your skin to be absorbed into your bloodstream. Typically these days, we are so concerned with what we put INTO our bodies; why then do we not pay as much attention to what we put ON it? We read the ingredients in our food products but have you read the ingredients in your moisturiser or shampoo?

During Bumps, Bubs & Beyond, we'll talk about natural alternative options for the whole family, and a few DIY tricks to help you detox your home.

Presented by Leah Williamson, Founder of the Brisbane Paleo Group:
Paleo for the Whole Family

Learn how to create your own family ceremonies for eating, sort out your fussy eaters, and get your kids in the kitchen. And while you’re learning, Leah will be doing a live demo on how to make a nourishing chicken bone broth, good for Mum and bub.

Presented by Joanne Ling, one sister of Sistermixin'
Lunch Box Solutions

Joanne Ling has two young children and lives an additive-free and preservative-free lifestyle. Her journey started two years ago when her then three year old's life was turned upside down. Joanne looks forward to showcasing some additive-free lunch box fillers that are easy to make and are sure family favorites.

Presented by Lisa Rimmelzwaan Chiropractic Neurologist:
Support your Child’s health with Chiropractic
Learn how to assist your child in their structural and neurological development.
Presented by Eleisha Holmes, Naturopath:

Building Breast Milk

The 3 steps to building your milk supply. Find out what foods, herbs and supplements can make a world of difference to you and your baby.

Presented by Alan Brown, Chiropractor
Shorten Labour Times

Find out how better body alignment between Mum and Bub can shorten labour times and reduce complications.

Tickets will sell fast do not miss out: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/bumps-bubs-and-beyond-tickets-16738629692

Beautiful lunch is included and suplied by Wholesomeness. Any food requirements please let us know

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