Boost your Immunity with Paleo Workshop

*Please note this event is being run by Stafford Chiropractic and Wellbeing Centre- tickets via eventbrite*

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Learn how real food can help boost your immunity for this upcoming cold and flu season.

Easy immune boosting recipes – supercharge your broth and natural cold and flu drink.
Heal your gut to boost your immune system, how fermented foods help.

Spectacular dinner supplied by Wholesomesness – providing healthy, nourishing and downright delicious meals based on Paleo principles.
Discover Paleo Topics

Live Food Demonstrations, Immunity Boosting recipes and Food Demonstrations presented by:

• Leah Williamson Founder/Organiser of the Brisbane Paleo Group

• Shan Cooper From My Food Religion. 

The Science of Paleo

Fermented Foods, Presented by Theresia Konrad.

Theresia is a Food Scientist and Nutritionist, and has also received training in a unique field termed Nutrigenomics (which explores the effect of nutrition on gene expression).
Primal Movements- The Modern lifestyles influnece on the Spine and Immune system

The Spine and Nervous Systems influence on the immune system- Understanding this Holistic influence.

Presented by Alan Brown Chiropractor, Windsor and Stafford Chiropractic.

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