Book Signing and Questions and Answers with the Jaminets

If you missed them at the Paleo Potluck in October, here's your chance again to mee the Jaminets!

No pre-registration is necessary.

Visit for directions.

The farmstand has some great produce, meat, and dairy when we visited in Oct! and his wife Shou-Ching Jaminet are scientists with a longstanding interest in diet and health. They have been experimenting with low-carb diets since 2005, have successfully healed their own “middle-age” and chronic health problems through diet, and have learned much that we would like to share.

They believe that:

Disease, premature aging, and impaired health have 3 primary causes: food toxicity, malnutrition, and chronic infections by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. These 3 causes go together. People who eat toxic, nutrient-poor diets are more likely to contract chronic infections and do not easily recover from them. Yet the body has amazing powers of recovery. On a healthy diet, the immune system can tackle and defeat most infections, especially with the aid of antimicrobial drugs. A diet like the Perfect Health Diet should be the first treatment option in most diseases and an adjunct to therapy in all.  

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