Book Launch and Presentations – Big Fat Lies

Hi all,

Rod Tayler, one of our groks, has organised a book launch and a morning of presentations at Port Melbourne Town Hall this coming Saturday.

Note that it's not necessary to RSVP to this meetup invite to attend, but if you would like to RSVP you can do so to Rod directly. Please see the details below.


Hi Friends, Family, Work Colleagues and Anyone Interested,

On Saturday 17th March you are invited to a book launch by David Gillespie of his new book “Big Fat Lies” just published by Penguin. As many of you will know, David is the author of the best selling “Sweet Poison” and also “The Sweet Poison Quit Plan”.

He has an interest in sugar as a major factor in the obesity epidemic and has extended that interest to high intake of polyunsaturated fat vegetable oils as being of concern to our health.

Around this launch will be other presenters on the theme of low refined carbohydrate consumption being important for our health, how much fat we should eat, and of what kind.

At: Port Melbourne Town Hall
333 Bay St Port Melbourne

“Are 30 Teaspoons of Sugar Per Day Too Many?” Rod Tayler
“Fructose and Fat” Ken Sikaris
“What Should We Eat?” Anastasia Boulais
“Paleo – More than Just a Diet” Jamie Scott

10.30 Morning Tea

11.00 “Big Fat Lies” David Gillespie

11.45 Break

12.00 Short Presentations / Forum
“A Short History of Nutritional Advice” Ted Arnold
“My Low Carb Experience” Michael Axtens

1.30pm Close

(You are welcome to come and go at the times that suit you). No necessity to RSVP, though if you intend to come it would be helpful to know for planning and catering purposes.

Email or call or SMS Rod Tayler 0417514601.

Kind regards, Rod (Tayler)

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