Book – Digestive Health with Real Food, with author Aglaee Jacob, R.D.


Digestive Health with REAL Food

Bloating, indigestion, abdominal pain or problems with your bowel movements? Whether you have been diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), celiac disease, IBDs (inflammatory bowel diseases) or suspect you might have food sensitivities, this practical and informative 1-hour workshop will help you learn more about the best dietary strategies to claim your digestive health back. Most digestive problems are due to a leaky gut, gut dysbiosis (imbalance in your gut flora), and/or food intolerances (gluten is a biggie, but it’s definitely not the only problematic ingredient).

Health truly starts in the gut. Although your doctor might not be taking your digestive problems seriously, you can (and should) do something about it to improve your quality of life and overall health.

On the menu:

·         What healthy digestion should be like

·         When digestion goes wrong

o   Leaky gut

o   Gut dysbiosis

·         Dietary approach

o   Problematic foods (gluten, dairy, sugar, FODMAPs…)

o   Healthiest foods for digestive health and gut healing

o   Elimination diet and reintroduction protocol

·         Other important factors to consider (supplements, sleep, stress…)

·         Resources: “Digestive Health with REAL Food” (book and online community)


Disclaimer: The information provided in this workshop is NOT indented to treat, diagnose or cure, nor it is approved, recommended or sponsored by Health Canada, the Canadian Diabetes Association or Dietitians of Canada.

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